Apple Forced Me To Make The World’s Best Ergonomic Keyboard

I wanted to buy an ergonomic apple keyboard (for work), but those don’t exist. So, I was forced to make my own. Having owned several ergonomic keyboards (including the SK-6000, the Microsoft Natural keyboard, and the SafeType), I can say with confidence and without hyperbole that I now own the best ergonomic keyboard in the world:

  • The key action of Apple’s keyboards is far more comfortable than what was on the market from any vendor 5 years ago. It’s amazing how mushy and “deep” the old Dell SK-6000 feels after typing on the Apple keyboard.
  • The angle of the two halves is comparable to the Microsoft Natural keyboard.
  • Since this is made from 2 keyboards instead of just one modified keyboard, I don’t have to sacrifice my ability to reach across the “center line” and type with my opposite hand (in cases where that’s useful).

And I resent having to build it instead of buy it. My suspicion is that if Apple released an “ergonomic” keyboard, they would be forced to admit that their goal of making the best hardware in the world includes non-ergonomic designs. Whoops.

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How a System Engineer Works and Sleeps

This is a farewell to the best and most functional piece of furniture I’ve ever owned: a homemade lofted bed that I built 6 years ago. Over that time, it grew into an important piece of my own life, combining a sleeping space, a work space (although not a home office), and all the functions of a bedroom in between. (Also, at one point it was disassembled into two pieces and moved across the house in an elaborate shuffle of furniture.)

This highly optimized piece of living space is proof of only one thing: you will not get it right on the first try. There is only one of you, and you are not a finished product; nobody can design your workspace but you.

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Boxelder Bug

This boxelder bug was crawling on my windowsill. Somehow it found a way into my house while most of its family was stuck outside.

The short RJ45 cable is a crossover.