FontClustr Receives Honorable Mention

My FontClustr project has received honorable mention in the 2011 Catalyst Award competition! As an outsider to the world of graphic design, I’m touched that they found my work so inspiring.

From the press release:

The judges were impressed by the approach taken by this self-confessed non-typographer to a practical problem: how to automate grouping of different typefaces based on design similarity, so that users can see them “in the context of the visual landscape they collectively form”. … [The] FontClustr tool is an admirable example of an outsider’s analytical approach to the problem of typeface categorisation or grouping.

A Mantis Does Not Know Fear

This mantis is a beauty.

I found it under a street light, where it regarded me with a noticeable lack of fear while I snapped pictures.

It was about the length of my middle finger.

It was still enough that I could take pictures with the necessary 1.3″ shutter and not worry about it moving.

To get this level of detail and crispness out of the camera’s kit lens, I was manually focusing in increments of about 1/5 of a degree. The viewfinder is unhelpful for perfect focus.

Katydid Performs Pre-Flight Check

Allow me to gush about these shots.

I didnt realize what it was doing at the time, which I know is such a small moment in the grand scheme of things, but the fact that the focus and timing came out in all these images really makes me happy. If I was a better photographer, maybe I wouldnt feel like I’ve won the lottery every time I get shots like these.

I digress. what I’ve caught on film is a katydid preparing to jump. This is the first time I’ve photographed a katydid, and I’m very pleased with the results…
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Spider Lunch

Here’s a story in pictures of a tiny little spider eating a (relatively) large green bug — pretty amazing, considering that this spider doesn’t spin a web.

By the time I saw the spider, it had already captured the fly and was dragging it up the side of my house. I can only guess that the spider got its meal by jumping onto the fly and biting it. Daring!
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