Snail Shell Necklace

Here’s a necklace I made a while ago (August 2002 I think) out of snail shells I found while on vacation in Maine.

This is meant to be a tight (“choker”) necklace. The shells only go about 2/3 of the way around the neck, with the elastic cord making up the difference.

The design is fairly simple; I just cut holes in the shells and worked the cord through. I think it looks nice.


Here’s one of my favorite pictures, from 3 years ago today. Its a snail peeking out of its shell.

Good News and Bad News

I have good news and bad news when it comes to all these spiders I’ve been photographing. I took a look at the field guide for spiders. According to the guide, there are no spiders living in New England that are larger than 1.5 inches.

So, I guess the bad news is that the ones I’ve photographed are either mutants or aliens.

They must put something in the water

We were going swimming at this one lane bridge near where I live… You can jump off it into the river and have a good time on a hot day like today. At one point I decided to climb up the cement/rock pillar that makes the central support of the bridge (instead of going up the riverbank). I almost put my hand into a nest with 2 enormous spiders.

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Crawling in the sink

I found this spider crawling in my sink last night. Its a fairly little one, but with some distinctive markings.

I’m not sure what type of spider it is. I really should get a field guide or something.

Strain relief using cable ties

Here’s how to do it with some cable ties.

Strain relief, as the name implies, is a means of transferring a load (or strain) from a weak spot to stronger spots. This is usually found where two things are connected together to prevent them from breaking apart. For example, the ribbed tubing on electrical plugs or the rubber jackets at the female ends of garden hoses.

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Typing tutor

As mentioned in a previous entry, I’m learning the dvorak keyboard layout.

There is a really good windows typing tutor that you can get for free, check out stamina. It will do the dvorak layout, and it automatically switches the keyboard mapping for you. You’ll have to use the

Control Panel–>
 Regional Options–>
  Input Locales–>
   Enable indicator on taskbar

to keep track of what mapping you’re currently using.