Climbing the Screen

Yet another species of spider in my house. Climbing a screen.

I’m not sure what type of spider it is, and I don’t see it very often… so I figured i’d throw it on the site.

Habit 1.1.0

I’ve just updated Habit to version 1.1.0.

Here’s what changes in this version:

  • fixed a bug that prevented the habit hierarchy from loading correctly
  • added code to detect a read-only database
  • added code to recover corrupted database items (just in case)
  • added a green line to the graph to indicate the current date in relation to the last recorded date
  • removed the non-functional menu item view-->reminders
  • made some captions more understandable
  • added a menu item for deleting a habit


Nothing like waking up to watch the sun rising over the ocean. And taking pictures.

Morning. We’ve all heard of it, but this may be the first time it was ever recorded on film.


Creepy Crawly

Why is everyone so freaked out by spiders? Oh yeah, I remember. Shots like these.

Spiders in the night, thats all we were… Creepy at first sight. Yeah, it helps to sing Frank Sinatra to big web-spinning spiders.
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teeny tiny

Sometimes you find big species of spiders before they get the chance to grow. Check out this little one.

That little round thing in the photo is the head of a nail. This spider is pretty beefy considering how small it is.

Drying Off

This spider was on my towel rack at the end of June.

I think its legs are slightly transparent.

OK, so I couldn’t find anything good to post. But those katydid shots continue to blow me away.

Hopefully I’ll snap out of it.

Dvorak Progress

I’m up to 257 cpm as of today, which gives me an almost linear improvement since I started typing dvorak. I hope it continues.

I panicked a little, so the error rate that goes with this is 17%. I blame a lot of that on the latest windows worm which made the computer a little choppy, so I hit keys multiple times if I didnt see the letter appear immediately.

Katydid Performs Pre-Flight Check

Allow me to gush about these shots.

I didnt realize what it was doing at the time, which I know is such a small moment in the grand scheme of things, but the fact that the focus and timing came out in all these images really makes me happy. If I was a better photographer, maybe I wouldnt feel like I’ve won the lottery every time I get shots like these.

I digress. what I’ve caught on film is a katydid preparing to jump. This is the first time I’ve photographed a katydid, and I’m very pleased with the results…
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