Cell Phone Service Maps

So we have cellphones with color screens that contain gps equipment. You’d have thought by now that they would have developed a mapping application.

Basically all you’d have to do is record the signal strength at some interval of distance. Then you could connect the dots of equal signal and have a pretty good idea of where the weak spots are. It could even report that to the phone company, I’m sure they’d like to know where they need help.

It would also be cool to be able to trace some roads into the map just by driving some of the major local highways (to give the map some context). Then, the application could detect if you were approaching a service line and warn you appropriately.

Fixing Stuff

Improvised repairs!

First, my car. I had replaced the water pump, but somehow forgot to tighten the nut on the alternator that holds the wire on. So after I was almost all the way to work, my stereo started turning off every time I hit the brake. Not good.

By the time I left work, I had forgotten about the alternator (the car started fine) until I was halfway home. It was getting bad… blinkers not working, electric motors sluggish. So I pulled the thing over and looked under the hood. Sure enough, the nut was actually missing from the alternator. Not good.
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Dock Spider

This is the spider that sparked my interest in photographing spiders. It’s a pretty large one I saw on a dock in June of 2002.

This is the best shot I have of it, so enjoy! I know I am. You can even see the stump where the spider lost a leg. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but a lot of the big spiders I see only have 7 legs. I don’t know if that’s from birds eating them or from fighting with other spiders.

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Writers Block

Although I’m still very close to finishing habit, I’m having trouble figuring out exactly how the alert window should behave. But, at this point I’ve made a whole bunch of UI tweaks and created the icons. Hopefully I’ll get inspired before the weekend.


When taking pictures at night, it helps to have a steady hand. As in, not like this.

I don’t even know what I was trying to pull off here.


Good news: I was able to catch a good lightning flash with the camera!

Bad news: it was really foggy outside.

It was a dark and stormy night…. Which doesn’t make sense, since there was so much lightning.

Hopefully next time there’s a storm at night, I’ll be far enough away that I can capture the lightning without so much rain/fog diffusing the flash.