Please pardon my sense of humor.

Thought this up today. If you don’t get the joke, look at the filename.


I threw together another shelf… to hold a bunch of jars with shells in them.

I guess this is technically function over form, but … I don’t see any form. My goal was to use as little wood as possible, all of which was 1″x3″ pine.

I should probably paint it.

Dvorak Musings

Well, its been 3 months since I decided to start typing using the dvorak layout. I must say that switching has been both a blessing and a curse. One thing that I can say with certainty is that typing dvorak is less of a strain than qwerty. My speed in dvorak still isn’t what it was in qwerty, but it continues to improve.
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Rotary Restoration

I rescued this old-school rotary phone, which was being sold “as-is”. After some cleaning, polishing, and wiring, it is back in working order.

Sorry, forgot to take the “before” shot.

For those of you who are keeping score, this is an early-1980s replica of a 1950s french model phone. I’m happy to have found it, and even happier to have restored it.

Ingredients: simple green, goo gone, brass polish, oil, wire, love.

Instructions: add all ingredients to a rare retro phone using a circular motion.

Behind the Scenes

Most of the photos on this site have been taken with a Sony Cybershot DSC-W1. This weekend I gave it a hard shell finish, with credit for the idea going to this guy.

This is what I see when I shoot for this site. I love this camera and everything its done for me.

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Dvorak Progress

276 cpm today. 15% errors. To be fair, I’m starting to run into trouble with the length of text I get to read before I have to type it. If I could read further ahead, I could type words instead of characters…

Anyway, progress.