Catching Up

I had taken a lot of photos last week, but didnt get a chance to post them. I just finished back-posting a bunch of them.

I have one more picture to post, which I took with someone else’s camera; I will put it up as soon as I get a copy from them.

Nice legs… But too many

And the moral of this story is to completely resoil any plants that come from a grocery store, since they may be hosting some pests.

…like millipedes.

It wasn’t until I flooded this plant (not shown) with water that these millipedes emerged. There were quite a few of them, compared to the size of the flower pot.

They were scrambling to get up out of the wet soil; some drowned, some escaped into the house. I was not amused.

Next time I’m going to wash all the soil off a new plant and re-root it before putting it inside the house.

In Sink

This spider saw me before I saw it, which made me jump a little when I saw it try to run away (it couldn’t climb the metal sides of the sink though).

It was a little wary of my pen, but couldn’t be bothered to turn and face it. So it just put up its back legs as a warning. I’m not sure what plan b was.

I turned it loose outside.

Fat Fat Spider

All this spider does all day is sit in its web and eat.

And just look what happened to it.

Look how much bigger its body is, compared to its legs. Its got a belly full of the finest insect cuisine and no motivation to run away from my hand. (In other words, it was very easy to photograph).


Here’s one of a cricket.

This was the biggest cricket I could find in the garden. It appeared to be looking for shade, which is understandable since the entire body is black. It must be like wearing a black vinyl car seat with the windows rolled up.

Leg of the Flies

I had been thinking about how hard it would be to photograph the common housefly… They seem much too skittish to make good subjects. So when this opportunity presented itself, I jumped on it.

It landed on my leg, and I happened to be holding the camera. I was actually wishing for a horsefly (the speckled eyes), but this is ok. Maybe next summer.

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