Prompt Magic

Gentoo has updated the Prompt Magic page to reflect my suggested changes. The difference is the line


If you are not root, inserts a $; if you are root, you get a #. If you delimit your string with ‘ instead of “, you should use a single backslash instead.

You can still see old (and incorrect) version at IBM’s site. Its not like I watched Gentoo’s site compulsively for changes.

Cookbook Shelf

The other day I made a shelf for my cookbooks.

I had originally intended to use an old vegetable crate for this shelf, but all the ones I could find turned out to be either too flimsy or too rare (i.e., I only found flimsy ones. I considered stenciling on a graphic for cabbage or something, but the fakeness of it seemed worse than just using the plain old wooden crate.

In the shed

I noticed this spider lurking in my shed. I would have thought the weather was too cold, but I’ve been wrong before.

When I found it, it was hiding in the crack here and I almost didn’t see it — I was thinking “no way is that a spider this time of year”.

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Back Porch

I helped build my back porch this weekend. It was rainy.

Remember, kids: electrical safety first! Keep those power tools reasonably dry by working under a tarp, and use the ground fault socket in your bathroom for the extension cords. Leather gloves are good too, if the drill makes your hand tingle. (Nobody got hurt.)

Blue Beetle

Not a blue beetle in the Stephen King sense (for those of you who get the reference), but an actual iridescent blue insect that was largely indifferent to being handled.

This is the way we found it, clinging to the leaf.

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