My friends and I went looking for bullfrogs in a pond on a clear summer night.

Sometimes you catch one…

Sometimes you don’t.

After we taking some pictures, we let the frogs get back to their courtin’.

Outdoor pictures

Here are some outdoor pictures from today: a spider and a flower.

Just a tiny web spinning spider looking for a good place to start.

And some yellow flowers (I’m not sure exactly what kind).

Waterborne larvae

Some tiny insect larvae that hatched on the side of the bathtub (yuck).

The eggs for these larvae were most likely laid in a moist green scrubbie, which was covering a small puddle of water. This is probably similar to the way that some other insect eggs are laid in stagnant water, usually near rushes or other vegetaion that will slow the water even further.

Moral of the story? Make sure unused sponges (etc) are hung to dry properly!

Crane Fly

Here is a crane fly I caught in a jar.

Even though crane flies look like giant mosquitos, they don’t bite. They still creep me out a little because of the way they fly, which is probably my learned response to seeing mosquitos in flight.