Shag Rug

Back in May, some friends helped us put in some flooring. In the process of removing the old flooring, we found some 1970’s shag carpet that had never seen the light of day, nor any foot traffic. We framed it as a thank-you gift (shown here on the new floor).

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Moth Turtleneck

Here is another picture of an insect on a window. This time it was a moth, whose wings actually make it look like it’s wearing a turtleneck.

I actually had to scare it off to convince myself that it could fly at all.

Failed Attempts at Children’s Toys

I saw this odd Little Tykes/IBM toy in a secondhand store.

This must have been intended as a way to get kids used to cubicle life. I’m not sure that it ever hit the market; the store where I saw this was in a town that had a large IBM facility.