House Centipede

House centipedes are among the creepiest and most common bugs you’ll find around your house. They move very quickly, and their legs are like a wild pack of spiders. Similar to the video game bearing their name, individual segments detached from the body will still scurry around. Shoot them.

This picture was actually taken upside down but I flipped it to make it easier to see.

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Angle Grinder Safety Tips

When using an angle grinder that can switch between left-handed and right-handed operation, remember to move the blade guard when you move the handle.

I managed to cut a few things before my thumb, since it was the adjustment of my grip that made me put my thumb down just beside the guard. And even then, I was able to make a few more cuts before applying pressure on the spinning blade using my thumb. It cut me cleanly through the tip of my thumb and my thumbnail.

If you click “more”, you’ll see it. Be warned/excited.
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Dusty Beetle Carcass

At first, finding this bug in the shrubs around my house made me nervous. I had never seen one of these before, and it looked like it could defend itself pretty readily. It wasn’t until I had taken a few pictures that I realized it was actually just a carcass — from that point on I realized it was OK to take these closeups.

Update: Its a cicada.

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