House Centipede Gets Too Close

House centipedes are attracted to water — like the glass of water you leave on your bedside table.

Its difficult to capture in a photograph how fast these things actually move, but suffice to say you don’t want to see one anywhere close to where you sleep — even if they do eat all kinds of actual household pests.

If you shoot a centipede, the two pieces do not independently try to attack you. However, if you crush it under a tissue box, its legs will start moving involuntarily and creep you out as they brush against the cardboard.

Daring Jumping Spider

This is a Daring Spider, which was hunting around my porch.

It’s quite small; that rusty thing next to it is the head of a nail. You can just make out its white jaws, which were constantly moving while I watched it.

Night Crawlers

These worms are aptly named.

I’m not sure what they’re doing above ground at night, but I did see them hunting around in grassy or leafy patches. Whether that means they eat dew, sleeping insects, or the plants themselves is beyond me.

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