An 800 Watt Inverter Can Power An Oil Burning Furnace

Google searches on this subject were not very enlightening, but I can now say from experience that an 800-watt inverter attached to a car battery is able to power 2 oil burners (furnace and hot water heater), with enough juice left over for a sump pump, cable modem, router, hub, and laptop.

It helps if the car is idling; my car has been idling for at least 6 hours and I still have more than half a tank. With the car off, I’ve read that you’ll only get 20-30 minutes of power.

I can make no claim on the suitability of inverted power for your oil burner over the long term. Also, rewire your house at your own risk.

Working Demo of FontClustr Output (for Ubuntu Fonts)

I’ve expanded FontClustr to be an interactive Javascript application.

Bear in mind, this HTML was generated by running the clustering algorithm on my specific computer — your installed fonts will be different if you check this out on a non-Ubuntu machine. In fact, if you don’t have ALL of Ubuntu’s font packages installed, you may see a lot of fonts that look the same; your system is switching to a default font.

On the other hand, if you have access to an Ubuntu machine, you’ll be able to experiment with the sample text, its size, and colors.

I will try to get access to a Mac so that I can do some final checks on the code. The next hurdle will be trying to get Python modules installed in a Windows machine.