FontClustr Receives Honorable Mention

My FontClustr project has received honorable mention in the 2011 Catalyst Award competition! As an outsider to the world of graphic design, I’m touched that they found my work so inspiring.

From the press release:

The judges were impressed by the approach taken by this self-confessed non-typographer to a practical problem: how to automate grouping of different typefaces based on design similarity, so that users can see them “in the context of the visual landscape they collectively form”. … [The] FontClustr tool is an admirable example of an outsider’s analytical approach to the problem of typeface categorisation or grouping.

Mantis Image Enhancement

This shot of a mantis is the result of combining several images with different focal points using a program called Helicon Focus. By taking the in-focus parts of each image and combining them, this program helps you fake a deeper depth of field. In this case, both the wings and the front legs are in focus — something my kit lens can’t do on its own.