Turn the safety off

I am so sick of unnecessary safety features. Especially when it comes to tools; if I didn’t want to do something dangerous, I wouldn’t be using sharp, heavy, or powered tools.

Here’s how to remove the “safety” on a Husky Folding Lock-back Utility Knife.

As a brief aside, I picked up this knife today because I thought I lost my Superknife, and then thought that the Husky brand would be better. As it turns out, the Superknife brand is far superior in elegance, simplicity, and (wait for it) utility… and my Superknife turned up in the laundry.

But enough about my failures; I’d like to draw your attention to the knife in this picture, which has been specially engineered to give you false hopes. Specifically, the quick-open thumb post.

The lockback mechanism prevents you from actually opening this in any sort of smooth motion — you need to use 2 hands! This is entirely unnecessary from a safety standpoint, since that spring pulls the blade into the closed position from about 1/4 of the way open.

The reason for this is the “corner” on the back side of the blade holder arm, which hits the locking lever at a steep angle.

To remove it, you have to take out the bolt that forms the hinge for the lock lever. Once you do that, you can remove the lever entirely and bend the arm around backwards.

This exposes a tiny little piece of the metal, which is the part you have to remove. I used a Dremel for that.

This is what mine looked like after a little grinding. Once reassembled, it was pretty easy to open the blade with one hand. The movement was pretty smooth too (considering…).

I hate having to “fix” things that I buy new. I mean, I’d love to feel good about the do-it-myself modification (like I do with so many other things), but this is just laziness on the part of the manufacturer. If you put a “feature” on your product, make sure it actually works!