Bed Frame

Company coming over! Time to build them a bed frame.

I decided against buying (or getting for free) a futon frame, since those are designed to be able to be turned into couches. I wanted something that would fold flat to be put up against a wall when not in use.

First things first: I cut 4 pieces of 2×8 with a rounded edge on one end, then 10 pieces of 2×6 for the slats.

I laid it out upside down, and made sure everything lined up. Its designed so that one end can fit inside the other when its folded.

Here’s the mounting hardware, which will hold it all together. I just used long carriage bolts for the “hinges”.

I placed the right angle brackets so that they wouldn’t interfere with the wood fitting together; inside of the inside pieces, outside of the outside pieces. It was nice that it folded up properly on the first try… a little off, but not bad considering the pitifully small amount of measurement I did.

The (almost) finished product, with a piece of scrap I’m using as a straightedge. The only difference between this and the way it looks now is a row of bolts I counter-sunk into the slats to make the whole thing excessively sturdy.

This thing weighs much too much for what it is, but the only thing I could do about it was to screw on some metal handles to make it easier to move around.