This preface will outweigh my point.

Most of what I post here is for impressing some imaginary audience, but a small portion is really a mirror for me to see on a deeper level what it is that I seem to care about. The act of putting into writing why I seem to care about any of what I care about allows me to know more about myself, or at least to make more wild guesses.

That said, here is reflection.

The story here is brief; I found a dead spider, and used my knife to carry it to the trash. As it turned out, the spider refused to let go of whatever life it had left and hung desperately to the blade.

If you see it, you see it, and if you don’t, you don’t, but the only thing I can call this is mighty. I am not comparing this image to the way I feel; I just can’t help wondering if I’d have it in me to hold on under the same circumstances. This sets up a win-win situation, since if I ever do find myself in that sort of position then at least my curiosity will be satisfied.