I put in a bookshelf. For books (and for a New Year’s Eve party).

The “bar” countertop had to go. I was using it to shelter 2 cheap wooden bookshelves, but I felt it was necessary to step up to the real thing. Plus, I wanted to make some adjustments to the wiring.

I started by ripping out the countertop, the supports, and the backing. The outlet I want to get rid of is on the right by the (mini) dishwasher.

The Home Depot! Yes, you can fit 4×8′ plywood in a hatchback. And everywhere you go yo you gets laughed at (Skeelo, we miss you).

The bookshelf is 12″ deep, because … 2x12s. We sanded and stained them in the back room using some of the old countertop’s wood to hold them upright.

I moved the outlet into the inside of the cabinet for the dishwasher to plug into.

We put in and stained the 4×8′ plywood backing, too. The shadows are from the 2x12s .

Here are the 2x12s in place, with shims for the countertop.

Here is the “adjusted” wiring: a new outlet and properly mounted phone jack. The design of the shelves should leave room for both of these, which brings me to…

I wanted to try out slanted shelves so that I wouldn’t need bookends. But, I also knew that I may be the only one who thought they’d be a good idea. Adjustable shelves gave me the chance to be wrong about it.

This is the countertop, minus the surface sheet (apparently the glue will require some serious ventilation that won’t be possible in winter).

I’m still not sure whether I love it or hate it. Still, its something different.