My router finally crashes

After a record (for me) 261 days of uptime, my router finally crashed.

That’s my router. Its an old 50MHz 486 running Coyote Linux. Note the floppy-drive window modification (you get to watch the head move back and forth while it boots up).

I was actually logged in remotely when the crash happened, which was disturbing because I had to wait the rest of the day before being able to find out what had happened. I thought that either

  • the motherboard died,
  • the power went out, or
  • the house had burned down

Fortunately, my curiosity had gotten the better of me 2 Saturdays ago and I peeked at the uptime (it was 251 days then). The terminal was unresponsive to keystrokes when I got home today. So, I assume it went 261 days until, again I assume, its logfiles got bigger than the ram disk.

Maybe this time I’ll make it a whole year.