Jellyfish at the Aquarium

I finally got to see the exhibit at the New England Aquarium about jellyfish, which I had wanted to do for almost 2 years now.

These Mnemiopsis are incredible; they have bioluminescent panels that run the length of their bodies, luring food toward their mouths. I had seen these before on the Blue Planet documentary, but thought they were much larger than they actually are (only about 2 inches long).

Getting these shots to come out was definitely a learning experience. I had to get some lessons on how to apply ISO settings, since the combination of low light and motion made my first round of photographs very blurry.

This picture is of an East Coast Sea Nettle.

These Umbrella Jellyfish are small enough to fit inside a ping pong ball.

This one is some sort of Aurelia, simliar in size and appearance to a shower cap…

…as are these Moon Jellyfish.

These Pacific Sea Nettles are dangerous to humans.

These Barrel Jellyfish (Rhizostomae) were the hardest to capture on film. They were about fist sized and moved very quickly around the tank.