2 Line WYSIWYG HTML Editor

Several people have asked if I’ll make a version of LiveHTML for linux, or other operating systems. The answer is now “yes”.

What’s even better is that this “program” is only 2 lines long. It uses javascript and your browser. (This should give you some idea of how little code actually went into the standalone LiveHTML.)

This is bold text. Go ahead, type your own HTML in the left-hand box, and see what happens in the right-hand box.

To use this, save the following code to an HTML file and load it in your browser.

<div id=”wysiwyg_result” style=”float:right; height:99%; width:45%; overflow:auto;
border:1px solid black”></div>

<textarea style=”height:99%; width:45%;” id=”wysiwyg_source”
onKeyUp=”document.getElementById(‘wysiwyg_result’).innerHTML =