So I’m making the leap to dvorak.

I tried it for about 20 minutes today for the first time ever. The first thing you notice is that keys are uncannily where your fingers are, and typing becomes more like playing a piano; you are typing on the home row of the keyboard for entire sentences.

It was also creepy how quickly you pick it up, and your brain doesn’t confuse it with the typing skills you already have. It feels like the first day you start learning a new language. It’s difficult to explain, but imagine that you are typing on a keyboard with 6 rows. You already are good at the top 3 rows (qwerty), and when you move to the bottom 3 rows (dvorak), your fingers know that they can’t reach the familiar keys from the unfamiliar ones. If you don’t know where a dvorak key is, the impulse is to stop typing instead of reaching for the qwerty location.

One last thing: you’ll notice how much more comfortable it is to type with dvorak in less than 5 minutes. In that amount of time, I realized that I no longer needed to hammer the keys to type quickly, since there is so much less reaching.

The hype is real, and you don’t need a special keyboard to take advantage of it; just change your keyboard settings and try an online tutorial. If you arent seriously impressed in 10 minutes, then you can be mad at me.