Built to Last

An 80+ year old hand drill got an upgrade in my first lesson on a lathe. This drill came from a box of old woodworking tools that was gathering dust in my parents’ barn. From what I can find, it was made between 1910 and 1930 by the Millers Falls tool company.

Unfortunately, the chuck of the drill was missing most of its parts… and where am I going to find a reasonably-priced replacement for an antique drill with a non-standard (at least by today’s offerings) thread?

The solution was to turn the shaft down to the next reasonable size — 3/8″ — and thread it. This is fairly simple to do on a lathe, and it was fun! The drill came apart very easily and went back together equally so.

The shaft is a bit shorter than I’d like, because the first attempt at threading was a little wobbly and the end needed to be cut. I may end up machining a new shaft from scratch to be longer and more true than this one.