Booq Sells The Best Backpack I Have Ever Owned

On the left is my old Booq bag (Mamba Pack), on the right is the new one that they sent me for free. You see, Booq is an amazing company with an amazingly designed bag… and when my old bag developed a problem, they not only sent me a new bag for free but fixed the actual problem.

After 6 months of heavy use (I put this bag through its paces in every way; it’s on my back or in my hand for over an hour a day, commuting to and from Boston on public transportation.), the shoulder straps were starting to pull out of the seam that held them on. So, I took this picture (and the next 2), labeled them, and sent them to Booq.

I showed the repair that I made with webbing. It’s holding up very well! So well, in fact, that I’m not switching to the new one until I completely destroy this bag. I figure the new one should last me 10 years.

I asked them to make this modification to their design — and they did. This was the only drawback to the best bag I’ve ever owned… and now it’s fixed.

Booq, I love your bag and I take it literally everywhere. It holds more day-to-day stuff than I thought possible, keeps it organized, and still has room for anything I need for an overnight trip. You are an awesome company with an awesome product.