Microwave Fan Box – Where It All Began

This is probably the first thing I ever built by myself: a blower fan, made out of some parts from an old microwave and scrap wood. 13 years later, it still works very well.

Back in those days, my best friend and I used to dumpster dive for electronics. Despite a limited knowledge of what to do with a lot of electrical components, we desoldered and collected quite a few of them.

I didn’t have much to work with in the way of tools or experience, so I made the case by hand-sawing some 1/4″ plywood and gluing 1×2″ pine blocks in the inside corners to hold it together.

After I assembled it, I realized that one block was getting in the way of the fan case… so I used the drill to cut it down.

Also shown here is 13 years of dust buildup on the fan blades.

After years of abuse and getting dropped (this fan has traveled with me for quite a few miles), the front cover had finally cracked its glue and fell off.

You can see where I had to hack away part of the inside to make room for the coil on the right fan motor.

Also, in the upper right is the on/off switch for the microwave that I wired in to be the power switch for the fan.

There were plenty of spade terminals and pre-crimped wires for me to work with, so this worked out. Unfortunately, I broke the buttons early on because I had been sitting the fan on a window sill that wasn’t quite deep enough. Now it’s hard-wired on.