Hand-Crank Paper Shredder

I had wanted to do this paper shredder hack for a while.

So, when my paper shredder started acting up, I angrily tore it apart… then I discovered that it was my own fault it wasn’t working (it has a safety switch that engages when you properly place it on its waste basket)… then I went ahead with making it manual.

Originally, it was mounted in a plastic housing, which had small holes that the shredding mechanism hooked into. I used pipe hangers to latch onto these metal tabs and a pair of angle brackets to keep it all aligned.

The crank handle is a “Simpson Strong-Tie” plate that you’d probably use building a large wooden frame. I stuck a cabinet knob on there for a handle.

A large plastic gear was attached to the main shaft, which I attached with drywall screws to a 3″ diameter disc of plywood that I cut with a hole saw drill attachment.

You can see how carefully I cut the rectangular hole with the jigsaw.

I also had to cut down the plywood base to make some room for the plastic gear. It’s difficult to tell in this picture, but I mounted the shredder so that the plywood disc actually clears the base.

I bored out a 7/8″ hole and made it eliptical with the jigsaw so that I could get the retaining ring in and onto the end of the shaft.