They must put something in the water

We were going swimming at this one lane bridge near where I live… You can jump off it into the river and have a good time on a hot day like today. At one point I decided to climb up the cement/rock pillar that makes the central support of the bridge (instead of going up the riverbank). I almost put my hand into a nest with 2 enormous spiders.

This spider is frighteningly huge. I don’t know what this thing eats, but apparently there is quite a lot of it near the bridge. Maybe its dragonflies, or mice. Damn.

Look at the the size of its abdomen compared to my middle finger… at its widest point, that spider is a half inch thick. Its body was a solid inch long.

You see from the top shot that this spider is missing a leg, and from the side shot you can see where it broke off from. I’ve seen several 7-legged spiders, all of them large; obviously the loss of an appendage isnt a crippling disability if you have 8 of them.

This spider is still at large and has probably already eaten some of the smaller children that were jumping off the bridge.