Snowboard Rack from Doorstops

Rather than buy an overpriced piece of plastic that doesn’t even come in the color I want, I decided to make my own snowboard rack out of $6 worth of door stops.

You only need 2 doorstops, but I have 2 boards to hang… so 4 doorstops total. You’ll need to remove the post that sticks down from the bottom, which (in the intended use case) is to prevent the stop from spinning around the mounting screw. For this particular brand of doorstop, the post unscrews with a flathead screwdriver which saves you a trip to the angle grinder.

The first step is to pop the rubber piece out so we can cut a groove in it for the board… this may not be necessary, but I don’t want to take any chances of a board coming off the wall.

You might be tempted to pry it out as I’m doing here. THIS IS WRONG.

The right way is to apply steady and firm pressure with the flathead screwdriver to one end of the little ridge that you see here. Start one end, compressing the rubber until it fits under the metal, and slowly work your way to the other end until it pops free.

Once you have the rubber piece out, make a line on it equal to the thickness of your board.

With a really sharp razor, you can make 2 cuts and get the shape you want. The first cut is on the line you just drew, and the second cut is just behind the ridge that held it into the metal housing.

Don’t cut yourself. Use a vise to clamp down the rubber piece, so that the side that would contact the door is facing up. You don’t need much vice pressure on it to hold it steady. The rubber cuts cleanly, but slowly; I used steady medium pressure while rocking the razor back and forth slightly.

After I put the rubber piece back into the metal housing, I put a bolt where the post was — to keep the rubber from moving around too much.

If you don’t feel like buying the bolts, just screw the post back in and angle grind off the excess.

All 4 are done! Guess which one I cut first…

I mounted these to my wall studs with some 2.5 inch long #10 screws, instead of the 1.5 inch #14’s that came with the doorstop.

These are racing/carving boards. Burton doesn’t seem to make them anymore.