Jawbone Charging Dock

I decided that I’d rather have a dock than a long cable to recharge my Jawbone bluetooth headset. So, I made my own dock out of said charging cable and some sugru.

The result was good.

First I stuck the USB plug and the corresponding adapter for the headset itself into a vise. They were different thicknesses, so I used the cable to keep pressure on the side of the (thinner) USB plug.

The orientation of the headset adapter is important. I made sure that when the adapter was attached, it wouldn’t come in contact with the surface that the USB plug was connected to. I had to tweak the USB plug’s direction once it was in the vise, which was easy to do because the headset will still fit into the adapter while clamped.

I stripped the jacket from the USB cable, exposing the shielding and the signal cables.

First I cut and soldered the outer wiring. Now the signal and power wires are exposed.

Using a not-recommended-for-you-folks-at-home method, I stripped all 8 wire ends.

Ready to be soldered.

Soldered. I plugged in the headset to make sure it would charge… Success!

After applying the sugru, I did one final check. This was especially important because I didn’t bother to insulate the individual solder connections, I just put sugru around each solder joint and hoped for the best as I mashed them all together. It looks like it worked; the charge light is on!

The finished product looks pretty great, and is a lot easier to store, since there’s nothing to tangle and untangle.