Lots of Bugs From Whiting VT

This weekend, I went on a trip to Vermont and saw a lot of interesting wildlife.

Another wonderful jumping spider with beautiful jaws.

A tussock moth caterpillar.

Hoverfly on a daisy.

Hoverfly on limestone.

Hoverfly on a purple flower.

Hoverfly on a purple flower.

Hoverfly on flower.

Hoverfly and paper wasp on flower.

Paper wasp on flower.

This grasshopper looks like nothing I’ve ever seen. The closest thing I can find to it online is the Namibian stone grasshopper. It looks more like stone than several any stone carvings of grasshoppers that I’ve seen.

This grasshopper was sitting next to the one above (see the tan blur in the background), but looks like a more desert-based species.