Interactive Font Tree in FontClustr

I’m pleased to announce that the latest version of FontClustr, which is freely available on GitHub, now supports an interactive HTML tree for browsing its output.

This is a step toward an interactive font chooser that sorts by appearance.

When I go looking for a good typeface, I usually have a few styles in mind that I want to try out. Once I pass over some fonts that I definitely don’t want to use, it’s handy to be able to collapse the list. This is now possible, by clicking on one of the colored vertical bars to the left of the font previews.

In this case, I am clicking on the bright red bar to hide all the entries attached to it.

Currently, this action is not very aesthetic; the tree is changed instantly — without animation. Additionally, the excess space is not taken up in a logical way, so if you collapse a big section then it might be ambiguous as to whether the other fonts slid up or down to fill the void.

Still, its one less thing between me and the perfect typeface for whatever I’m doing.

Not counting the padding the font previews here are 50px in size. Collapsing them makes them fit into 20% of the original amount of space.