Insects From Tokyo

These are some pictures I took in a very photogenic park in Tokyo. This crimson darter stole the show.

This was a passing shot of what appears to be a (large) swallowtail butterfly near the house we stayed in.

Cicadas were out in great numbers. They were enormous and made a huge amount of noise (apparently they can get up to 120 dB, and these were certainly near the intensity of the crash cymbals on a drum set). This is Graptopsaltria Nigrofuscata, if I’m not mistaken.

Their carcasses were everywhere.

Blue darter dragonflies were also making their rounds by the water.

This appears to be Oncotympana Maculaticollis, which is a bit smaller than the brown cicadas.

The wings on these are very beautiful, and yet they do a decent job of camouflage.

I like the way the legs are visible through the wings. Also, notice that rather than “stepping” on the rope, the barbs from the legs are doing the gripping.