Tool Rollups

A friend gave me some pieces of synthetic leather from a couch that he threw out, and I turned it into a set of tool rollups (back in November 2013).

The first attempt was on a set of wood spade drill bits that had been gathering rust in my old basement. More than anything, this proved that my sewing machine was up to the task.

The next set I made was the reason I had wanted to do this project in the first place — to get a better storage method for my set of punches than the one that they arrived in (a flimsy plastic tool rollup).

With the leftover leather being less ideal, I made a third rollup for a set of picks and prybars (plus a set of small screwdrivers). It doesn’t roll up as nicely, but it’s nice to finally have all of this odd assortment of tools in the same container.