Well-built Backpacking Stove, 2nd Attempt: “Three Elephant Stove”

Here is the second prototype (first prototype here) of my alcohol backpacking stove system. This one is lighter by far (70g), packs better, and covers more of the pot with the wind shield.

As before, this prototype began with some sketches and mockups on paper (and in paper). This design is centered around a tripod concept in which the can stove itself acts as a keystone to hold the rest of the pieces in the proper positions.

It took a few experiments to find a design that didn’t collapse without the stove in the middle to hold it up.

The stove stand is made of 3 pieces (that look vaguely like elephants) and the stove itself.

This stove nests comfortably in the bag with the GSI Pinnacle Dualist.

The pieces fit together as follows.

Note that the pieces are mostly but not completely identical; two pieces are specially designed to stand on their own so that the third piece can be slotted in easily. The third piece has a notch that’s a bit wider, to accommodate its rotation into place.

The windscreen attaches similarly to the previous design, with a small vent in the bottom that should (in practice) face downwind.

The vent accommodates the pot handle so that it can be wrapped tightly and fit into the storage bag.

Here’s a brief video showing the setup and takedown.