Sort media on the Command Line with

Sorting your downloads directory can be tedious, especially if you want to move files to destinations that aren’t immediate subdirectories. Worse, there is no one-size-fits all viewer that can handle static images, animated gifs, and video files all at once.

This is where comes in.

This python script allows you to select a set of source files and a set of destination folders, then do all the work from the command line.

$ dest1/ /path/to/dest2 -- *.png
Deciding what to do with /path/to/downloads/1256_h_lg.png
handling image /path/to/downloads/1256_h_lg.png
/path/to/downloads/1256_h_lg.png is 621x189 PNG image, color type RGB_ALPHA, 8 bit
Building XImage...done
s) skip this file for now
l) look at it again
1) move file to dest1/
2) move file to dest2/

The syntax is “”, up to 10 destination directories, “–“, and a set of files. makes use of xview, gifview, and mplayer for viewing files.

The code can be accessed here.