Making a Swing Chair from a Scandinavian Recliner

I made a swing chair for my porch out of a Scandinavian recliner (that I’d picked up secondhand), some 3/4″ EMT conduit, 2 hose clamps, and about 20 feet of rope.

The rest is just knots.

A bowline on a bight (tied in the center of the rope) forms the “main” knot at the top of the chair. Each free end of the rope then comes down and forms a clove hitch outside of the hose clamps on each side of the bar.

I used a 40″ wide piece of conduit — slightly wider than the chair — to make the hanging ropes seem more spacious.

From the top tube, the rope loops through this conveniently-located bar across the back of the chair then back up to the top tube.

A bowline attaches each end of the rope secures it to the front of the armrests.

This is, after all, a recliner.

So it reclines. It’s amazingly comfortable, and easy to fall asleep in.