Blah Blah Dvorak

New record cpm today: 175. But, my error rate is up to 15%. I’m much faster and very accurate when doing combinations of keys, but when I have to aim for a specific (individual) key I screw it up sometimes as many as 5-7 times before getting it.

In some ways, I’m just rushing because its frustrating not being able to type as fast as before. Having to type slower is making my sentences a little shorter and affecting my word choice. I can’t expect my fingers to be good stenographers for my mental dictation.

Its a little freaky to discover links between my typing and thinking… even when I’m not typing. Its difficult to explain, but my brain panics a little and slows down if my fingers don’t feel confident enough to type whatever I’m thinking. To say it plainly, it feels like there is an established link between my brain’s finger control and word-forming center. This may explain why drumming and flexing my fingers helps me talk quicker.