In the Works

I’ve slowed development on refigurator, in favor of a new project that I have more of a need for in my daily life. The name of the new program is Habit. Its a personal organizer that takes the opposite approach to the daily planner; you write down when you do things, and Habit predicts when you will do them next. If you fall behind (adjustable), it will let you know. Alternatively, you can set it to warn you ahead of time.

This sort of thing would be really handy for reminding you to water your plants, pay your bills, call your mom, exercise, etc. It might also be used for searching for patterns in the way your body or your car works (“Hmmm… I seem to run out of coolant every 18 days…”). It may also be interesting to learn which habits coincide (“Hmmm…. I have a nervous breakdown every 18 days…”).

Hopefully I’ll have at least a beta version done by this weekend.