Wooden Replacement for a Metal Lathe Crank Handle

Buying an antique part seemed silly. Fabricating a metal handle on a lathe without a handle seemed unwise (and anyway, I don’t have anything that could easily cut a keyway in metal).

So, I’ll make it from wood. The first step is to trace it out.

All set to turn on the wood lathe.

You can see the pen lines, but they’re faint.

Blue marker is easier to see. The ink is going to come off with the chip anyway.

All the turning is complete.

Cutting the holes with a forstner bit.

Cutting the keyway using a jigsaw blade upturned in the vise.

Now to turn down the part I’ll actually be holding on to.

I put the keyway in a different spot to hopefully work with the woodgrain (vs against it).

This is the original piece, I swear. Really.