Katydid Performs Pre-Flight Check

Allow me to gush about these shots.

I didnt realize what it was doing at the time, which I know is such a small moment in the grand scheme of things, but the fact that the focus and timing came out in all these images really makes me happy. If I was a better photographer, maybe I wouldnt feel like I’ve won the lottery every time I get shots like these.

I digress. what I’ve caught on film is a katydid preparing to jump. This is the first time I’ve photographed a katydid, and I’m very pleased with the results…

Before it jumped away, this katydid cleaned off its feet with its mouth. If you own a cat, you may have seen something like this before.

Here it is again, cleaning the front set of legs.

The middle set is next.

And check out that set of antennae! (hence the name “longhorn grasshopper”.)

And this is the part that amazes me, it actually got each of its back feet to its mouth.

This is the moment. Crouched, and ready to spring. God I wish I had this as a hood ornament.

You can almost see the motion of its jump from way its body is built.

Perfect form.