Hitching a Ride

Madness. Here are some shots of a spider being very spidery on my car.

Things that they don’t tell you about spiders in school:

1. Spiders spin more than just webs. They also put up silk around the area where they spin the web. From what i can tell, they prefer walking on their own silk to any other surfaces.

2. Spiders are very sneaky, especially when it comes to running away. This spider was getting a little freaked out by the light and camera, so without warning (trick #1) it jumped to the ground. But when I tried to take a picture of it on the ground, it whipped out trick #2 by quickly climbing back to its web. Apparently it grabbed (or spun) a line on its way down.

It showed me this trick a second time; you can tell if its attached to a line because it will be keeping the tension with one of its back legs.

Anyway, just some filler to go against these pictures.