Data Visualization

This is my best image from the first assignment in my data visualization class. The goal is to represent the speed and direction of currents in the Pacific Ocean.

First, the before shot (a demo from the professor). This was created by pushing particles around a space; faster currents create longer trails. This example is more for demonstrating the underlying code than showcasing a good visual design, but nevertheless its what I started from.

This is the best-looking solution I could come up with. I assumed that areas of no current were land, which revealed Japan, Russia/China/Korea, and British Colombia.

I’m not sure how well this presents detail in the proper places, but at the very least it produces a flowing effect in your peripheral vision. Go ahead, take a closer look…

Update: I found some errors in my algorithms before I submitted the assignment, so here is the corrected image. The arrows in this version are aligned better at their smaller sizes.