Habit is a personal organizer in reverse. Instead of writing down when you’re supposed to do things, you write down when you’ve done them; this program learns your habits and you can set up reminders before, on, or after the next date you’re predicted to do them.

This is very useful for things that you do regularly but not often: paying bills, watering plants, changing your car’s oil, taking time to read a good book, and so on. You could also use it to track how often you eat pizza, get headaches, cut your hair, or shampoo the rug.

Some of the cooler features include

  • Drag-and-drop grouping of habits so you can update several at once
  • Anmated system tray icon to indicate reminders
  • “Remind me later” (basically a snooze button)
  • List and graph views of your habits and reminders

The current version is 1.1. To use it, install the 1.0 version (if you haven’t already) and then save the 1.1 executable in the directory you installed to.

Download Habit 1.0 Installer (10.4 MB)

Download Habit 1.1 Executable (232 kB)

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