Atlas Lathe Teardown and Rebuild, part 3

The headstock of this lathe required a lot of careful persuasion to get the pieces apart. And some attention to hidden set screws and other retention mechanisms.

It was tough to get into all the cracks but it’s looking as new as it will ever look.

Night Light Ring for a Smoke Detector

I needed a night light in a dark stairway, but there was no outlet. A motion detector was out of the question due to pets, and the stairway light couldn’t be converted to a night light because it shares a circuit with other important lights.

That left me with one option: make a night light that sits as a ring underneath the ceiling-mounted smoke detector.

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Freeing a Gordian Worm from an Earwig

An earwig scurrying across your kitchen table instead of hiding in a dark crevice is a sure sign that something is wrong with it. After I crushed it, I knew immediately that the coiled white threads spilling out of it were not intestines.

They were parasites.

So I put it in a small bowl of water to watch them wriggle free of their host.

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